Learn what is needed to maintain your classic Porsche and the benefits of maintaining your classic Porsche at Porsche to Barnaba Auto Sport. Bring your classic Porsche by today to experience our award winning restoration team expertly led by Ron Barnaba and Mark L. Greco. Our team offers everything your classic Porsche needs, from restoring a classic fuel and ignition system to classic transmission repairs and chassis system services. We have over 100 5-star Google Reviews and are well equipped to diagnose any classic vehicle and repair air-cooled engines!

Spend more time on the road and less time and money in a maintenance shop by routinely servicing your car. Recommended service maintenance includes: 

  • Oil change once a year
  • Tune-up every two year 
  • New tires every four years

And when you need to get your classic Porsche serviced in the Batavia , IL area but not sure where to go? Bring your classic Porsche to Barnaba Auto Sport, we offer Classic Porsche Service performed by our expert and knowledgeable staff! With the service expectations, tools, facility standards, and expertise you and your Porsche requires, our team’s passion for the Porsche brand runs deep! 

So don’t hesitate, if you’re looking to get your classic Porsche serviced, bring it on down to Barnaba Autosport today. Allow all of our experience and knowledge in Classic Porsche Service and Restoration serve you today! We can perform any service to your Classic Porsche from simple tune-ups to full blown ground up nut and bolt restoration projects.

If you have a need for the best Classic Porsche Service available, please contact Ron at ron@barnabaclassics.com or call 630-406-1700.