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Porsche Engine Rebuild in Batavia, IL

Having issues changing gears? Noticing any unusual leaking or knocking noises? It may be time to bring your Porsche in for an engine inspection and possible engine rebuild. Barnaba Auto Sport is your go-to Porsche Service Center for all your Porsche engine repair and engine rebuild needs. With over 50 years of experience, our team of technicians are well equipped to take care of all your engine troubles in a timely manner.  

Why Your Porsche May Need an Engine Rebuild

Porsche’s are engineered to be track-ready at a moment’s notice, over time everything from your Porsche’s valves and timing gears to its crankshaft and timing belt will begin to wear from regular use. Every Porsche engine has a different lifespan and needs depending on its year, model, and history. Each generation of Porsche comes with different engine updates and upgrades that need a Porsche expert to properly repair and rebuild. At Barnaba Auto Sport, our expert technicians have the knowledge and experience need in order to keep your Porsche a Porsche. No matter the year or condition, we’ll ensure you get back on the road as good as new after we’re done with your Porsche’s engine rebuild. We’ll uncover exactly the type of rebuilding your Porsche demands, including:
  • Water Cooled Porsche Engine Rebuild
  • Air-Cooled Porsche Engine Rebuild
  • Race Engine Rebuild – Porsche MotorSport
  • Classic Porsche Engine Restoration Rebuild

Partial & Full Engine Rebuild

Porsche Engine Issues Warning Signs We only want to repair and replace the necessary parts during your rebuild in order to keep your Porsche original and save you money. Waiting until your Porsche can no longer start or until an accident occurs will cost you time, money, and your safety. Common warning signs that it’s time to bring your Porsche in for a check-up includes:
  • Low Performance
  • Increased Emissions
  • Knocking sounds
  • Dirty Oil And Oil Sludge

Transmission Repair

Your Porsche’s transmission is its gearbox that provides controlled application of power by either you changing its gears manually or it changing it automatically based on your driving needs. In order to get the most out of your Porsche, you’ll need a health transmission to experience optimal and reliable performance at all times. In order to save money and prevent further damage to your Porsche’s engine, common warning signs that your transmission is going bad includes:
  • Can’t switch gears or slipping gears
  • Burning smell
  • Leaking fluid
  • Humming sounds

Engine Rebuild FAQs

Common warning signs of engine trouble include black smoke, unusual carriage leakage, unusual engine behavior, and more. At Barnaba Auto Sport, we can help discover any engine problems with a few simple tests and inform you of what we’ve found before starting our work.

At Barnaba Auto Sport, we offer full engine rebuilds on all Porsche models! Our service team has over 50 years of experience with classic and new Porsche models.


Engine knocking occurs when your Porsche’s engine experiences cycles of heating and cooling which slowly begin to increase the tolerances of the engine. Overtime wear increase and parts begin to fit less securely in their position. The knocking sound occurs when your worn-out pistons and rods shake from side to side in the cylinder rather than up and down.

During a regular oil change you may notice a glitter-like substance in your oil, this is due to metal shavings from components in your engine is rubbing against something. If you notice this, you should contact and bring your Porsche to Barnaba Auto Sport immediately for an inspection.
Oil sludge is wasted oil and coolant that cannot be used by the engine. If there is sludge present, it can hinder the performance of your Porsche. A rebuild may be necessary to uncover the issue and fix it before any more damage occurs.
Every situation is different, an engine rebuild can save you money compared to engine replacement. Contact Barnaba Auto Sport today for help determining the best path for you and your Porsche today.
Your Porsche’s transmission is vital to controlling the power and smoothness of your ride. In order to get the best possible performance, your transmission should be checked and any issues should be addressed immediately.
Our staff is full of Porsche enthusiasts just like you and know exactly the level of performance you expect out of each drive. No matter the year of your Porsche, our Porsche specialists are prepared to exceed all your Porsche Service expectations.

In addition to full engine rebuild on all new and classic Porsche models, we also now offer services not covered by warranty including:

  • Extended Warranty (sold by third party)
  • Porsche Mechanical Repairs
  • Porsche Engine Rebuild
  • Porsche Transmission Rebuild
  • Porsche Brakes
  • Porsche Tires
  • Porsche Maintenance
  • Oil Changes
  • Alignment

Schedule Your Porsche Service Today

Our service department offers the best in automotive service to all our customers. Take advantage of our top-notch facility that features current diagnostic and repair equipment, our highly skilled Porsche Mechanics are ready to deliver the most efficient and quality vehicle care. Whenever you need your next Porsche Service or Porsche Repair, feel free to request an appointment online.